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Our Mission

Faith In Action

Our mission is to serve those victimized by poverty and injustice. To reach communities who have been overlooked and marginalized. To contribute to building a healthy community one act of service at a time.


The story of Muslims Giving Back starts in the post 9/11 era. As Muslims across the country struggled to express their identity and faith, a small group in New York City decided to change the narrative on what Muslims are all about. They began working within existing masjids and doing charitable events for about four years until they found their home in Sunset Park in a small Masjid called Sunset Islamic Center, now MCC (Muslim Community Center). An idea began to take hold that would change the organization forever. The dream was of a vibrant, compassionate, and active Muslim community that uses their faith as their guide to dedicate their service to those in need. Muslims Giving Back found its base.

MGB has been a beacon for like-minded, passionate Muslims to cultivate their ideas for change and build programs. MGB co-founded the Asiyah Women’s Shelter, serving Muslim domestic violence victims (survivors) with emergency relief and housing. MGB helped establish Mercy Bakery and then founded Freedom Bakeries — a hunger relief program providing vital nutrition and support for vulnerable families who have been victims of the crises in Gaza, Yemen, and worldwide. MGB has also helped start Salam Sports, a league catered to providing healthy recreational options for youth.


Currently, Muslims Giving Back is dedicated to community service and leadership. We have an active Community Food Pantry, Weekly hot meals for the Homeless, and Emergency Response for at-risk communities. In addition, we support domestic violence victims, widows, the elderly, and other vulnerable populations through Project Transform, providing them safe refuge and support to build their lives. We are building The Hunger Kitchen to serve the community through soup kitchens and emergency food services. We are on our way to being a verified FOOD Bank member and supporting participants in accessing city services. We are also re-starting our mobile pantry services for the elderly and disabled.

Our Method

The Community Pantry currently serves our neighbors in the local Sunset Park, Brooklyn area. Many of our beneficiaries are low-income families, immigrants, refugee families, and the elderly.


Compassion for MGB starts with empathy and understanding. We are not merely just a charity but we are members of our community. We deliver compassionate service to our neighbors in need. The quality of service and every detail of what we do is a reflection of a deep spiritual commitment to reach and uplift the most vulnerable.


Our Faith and Commitment to service compels us to continue the work. Where other communities rely on external factors like funding and availability of volunteers, MGB has developed a culture of service that enables us to consistent and dependable. This dependability builds trust opens up doors for to help in other ways.


Community is at the heart of everything we do. Our community extends beyond the walls of any masjid or center. We open hearts with sincerity, build trust with consistency, and expand opportunities as a brothers and sisters. Our goal is to build a healthy vibrant community that focuses on building the whole individual and contributing to a better society.

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