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$100 - Zakat


Zakat is an obligatory charity and a religious duty. As the fortunate, it is the responsibility of those to share their blessings with those in need. Zakat has such significance in Islam because it cleanses you of your greed & desires, and purifies your wealth as you fulfill your dues.

Who Is Eligible To Give Zakat?

Zakat is one of Islam’s five pillars and is a compulsory obligation due on every blessed Muslim. Specifically, Zakat is due on sound-minded, healthy, non-disabled, above the age of puberty, and blessed Muslims.

When To Give Zakat?

Once your wealth surpasses the Nisab threshold, you are eligible to give Zakat. Simply put, your wealth exceeds the Nisab threshold once it is held for a specific period of time, known as ‘Hawl,’ which is basically the amount of time equivalent to an entire Islamic year.

Make The Most Of Your Zakat Through Our 100% Zakat Policy.

Through Muslims Giving Back, your zakat contributions can help bring humanitarian aid to the needy, where 100% of your Zakat donations go directly to the beneficiaries, without any administrative costs & cuts.

So make the most of your religious dues and help spread smiles by giving back. Donate now.